• Education & Training

    I am a New York State licensed clinical psychologist in private practice. I received a bachelor's degree in psychology, from Universidad Iberoamericana - León, in Mexico. I then obtained a doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Long Island University - Brooklyn, and completed my pre-doctoral internship at Columbia University Medical Center.


    My clinical training also took place in The Bellevue Hospital Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program, The William Alanson White Institute, The New York University Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, and the VA St. Albans Hospital. In addition, I worked as the psychologist in the Bariatric Surgery Clinic of Jacobi Medical Center, where I implemented a multidisciplinary and psychoeducational approach to the evaluation and treatment of bariatric surgery patients.


    My research interests include applying psychoanalytic thinking to the understanding of immigration and acculturation. I have expertise in the psychometric validation of linguistically and culturally appropriate psychological measures for Spanish-speaking individuals. My professional interests also include mentorship. As such, I am supervising faculty at Yeshiva University-Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology and the LIU-Brooklyn doctoral program in clinical psychology.


  • Psychotherapy

    I am a psychodynamic-oriented psychotherapist. This means that my approach is based on the idea that the therapy relationship can be a window into a person's longstanding relationship patterns. In the therapeutic relationship, these patterns can be understood and reconfigured, giving way to new ones. To learn more about how psychodynamic psychotherapy works, click here. If you are interested in the research behind this approach, click here.


    I believe that face-to-face, once-a-week psychotherapy is necessary to achieve meaningful growth. I typically meet with my clients at the same agreed-upon time each week, for 45 minutes. Currently, I work primarily with young adults, adults, and couples, in both English and in Spanish.

  • Bariatric Evaluations

    Bariatric surgery can be both exciting and overwhelming: exciting because it allows the individual to gain control over his or her weight, and overwhelming because it requires meetings with different providers and the implementation of lifestyle changes, sometimes before surgery.


    Most candidates for bariatric surgery are required by their insurance and bariatric teams to provide a psychological evaluation. Typically, this evaluation has the goal of establishing the ability to implement lifestyle changes and to evaluate expectations of the surgery.


    In my work with clients requesting a psychological evaluation for bariatric surgery, I seek not only to establish a client's readiness, but also to provide an opportunity to make connections between weight and other important aspects of their lives. In addition, I work with candidates for this surgery to identify the reasons behind failed attempts at weight-loss, and to find ways to maximize the benefits of bariatric surgery. This approach is based on my belief that difficulty with managing weight is related to difficulties with managing stress, sadness, boredom, loneliness and anger.


    Since I understand that nutrition education and support is key to weight loss, I work closely with bariatric teams to develop comprehensive interventions that support the bariatric patient.


    Fees: Bariatric evaluations range from $200-400, depending on factors such as income and out-of-network coverage. The evaluation lasts 2-4 hours, divided into two sessions. I typically meet with my clients over the course of two consecutive weeks. An evaluation is sent to the bariatric surgery team via fax, or encrypted email, within seven days of the date of the second appointment. Full payment is due at the time of the first visit. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions about the evaluation process.

  • Location

    Brooklyn Office:

    60 Remsen St., Suite #6

    Brooklyn, NY 11201

  • FAQ

    How do I set up an appointment?

    Appointments can only be set over the phone. I usually provide a 10-15 min. phone consult where we will discuss your reasons for seeking out psychotherapy and whether I may be able to help you. At that point, we would set up a meeting time.

    What is your fee and what payment types do you accept?

    My standard fee is $250 per session for individual psychotherapy and $350 for a family or couple's session. I accept payment in the form of checks, major credit cards, and cash.

    Do you accept insurance?

    I am an in-network provider for Aetna PPO plans. If you have a different insurance carrier my services are considered out-of-network. For individuals who fall into this category, I am able to provide a "Superbill" at the end of the month which you can then submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Depending on your benefits, you may get 60-80 % back.

    How do I find out how much my insurance covers?

    Do you provide scale down fees?

    I have a limited amount of spots available based on financial need and at off-peak hours.

  • Contact

    For appointments: 917-933-0049

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